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What is MUN?

Model United Nations is an initiative that introduces the youth to political and socioeconomic issues on a high school and university level through a three day conference, organized and maintained by the youth themselves.

MUN was first introduced in Jordan in 2004 by the Amman Baccalaureate School and since then over 15 conferences are held annually with some conferences that host up to 500 participants. 

About LevantMUN

LevantMUN is a conference that was founded in December 2017 and held its first conference in August 2018 at the Grand Hotel Amman formerly known as Le Meridien Hotel. The conference hosted three committees: The General Assembly, Human Rights Council and Security Council.

LevantMUNs secretariat team consists of both high school and universities students all around Jordan who each have their own set of valuable skills from their prior experience attending and organizing previous numerous conferences.

Our Mission

Levant Model United Nations conference aims to present the youth of today with an authentic and challenging United Nations simulation that puts them in the shoes of ambassadors and heads of state as they tackle past and current international issues. Our team has set their eyes on presenting the core ideals of MUN and political discourse at their purest, while also reinventing and revolutionizing the procedures that run it. By involving the participants in our MUN family, we hope to include people from all social backgrounds, access the community and become a part of its culture. Furthermore, we are striving to build a personal connection with the participants and help them evolve their diplomatic and communication skills. 

Our Vision

To change reality, you need to have a vision. In our strong belief that the youth have the potential and responsibility to steer the future into brighter horizons, we want LevantMUN to be the Earthquake that reshapes the current global landscape and the Youth to be the catalyst of such change.

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