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Security Council


TOPIC I: The situation in North Korea.

The North Korean Economy is flagging under crippling international sanctions as more and more political tensions arise. Recently, the North Korean regime has been under a lot of scrutiny for violating international sanctions by exporting coal and importing heavy machinery in violation of sanctions imposed on the North over its nuclear arms program. The ship was detained in Indonesian waters by the authorities there in April of last year by the United States. All while Pyongyang’s announcement of a “test” of a “tactical guided weapon” seems calculated to send the message that it is aware of Trump’s predicament and might exploit it if Washington continues to resist a major repeal of economic sanctions against North Korea, this comes hand in hand with the current shift in Russian and Chinese towards Pyongyang as Russian has pledged donations for the regime and China seeking to increase their control on the mad dictator and calls to ease the sanctions imposed.

TOPIC II: The Palestinian-Israeli conflict (1974).

Our Security Council and General Assembly this year will be discussing a 7-decade-old dispute between the Israeli government and the Palestinian nation, one of the most controversial topics of all time. However, we will be debating with a twist of premises: it is the year 1974.

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